Today we are launching a new online exhibition documenting the restoration of St John at Hackney Church, captured over almost two years by six volunteer photographers, led by Katrina Lawson Johnston.

In a state that for most of the world was hidden from view, these images forever capture our beloved building’s most fragile moments, as we see under the paint, behind the walls and into ‘The Space Between’.⁠

The main focus of the images is most often the light, which makes a daily journey through the building’s spaces. Giant arcs of dappled light stretch across the floor through one of our big windows, marking the passage of time over the ever-shifting shapes of the building site.⁠

Mainly, this work tries to say that there is something sacred in our moments of ‘in between’. All things are constantly being made, and re-made – and our journeys from one state to another are just as important as where we end up. Throughout this process we were constantly reminded that this was not just a building, but a place full of tangible sanctity, peace and ultimately – love.⁠

This work is dedicated to everyone who made this project happen over so many years, and was generously funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

To step inside, click on the link below.