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Hackney Church Kids, we will have fun and engaging activities for kids aged 3-11 and their families every week!

Hey Hackney Church Parents and Guardians,

With the launch of Hackney Church Live alongside our Hackney Church Everywhere experience, and with summer holidays just around the corner, we wanted to give you an update on all that is coming up with Hackney Church Kids.

During our Hackney Church Live gatherings, we are encouraging kids to get involved with a brilliant, free computer game they can download on parents’ phones called Guardians of Ancora! It’s great fun and will keep your young people entertained during the service, but it is also packed full of bible wisdom and is designed to help you discover more of the story of God!

Throughout July we will continue to have Hackney Church Kids weekly episodes on our Youtube channel and Kids Webpage. We will continue to have great Kids worship, games, and for the next three weeks, we’ll be looking at Jesus’ parables! It’s going to be great. Then into August, we will be taking a break from Hackney Church Kids online episodes and instead want to encourage you towards the Guardians of Ancora computer game. Why not encourage your child to complete the game over summer!?

We hope you are well and can’t wait to see you and your young people soon!

Please do email for any queries,

Hackney Church Kids Crew


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